Americans Reacted To Nancy Pelosi’s New Nickname For Donald Trump: “Nailed It!”

She's not wrong.

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Donald Trump tries to brand all of his political adversaries with disparaging nicknames, and the president sticks to those labels. That’s probably because that’s all Trump has. Trump once again called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Crazy” on Twitter, and of course, she is not insane. Trump calls presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden “sleepy,” even though the president hasn’t mastered walking down a simple ramp. Trump is the king of projection.

So in a bit of “turnabout is fair play,” Nancy Pelosi assigned a nickname to our president on Face The Nation.

“I have a new name for him, Mr. Make matters worse,” Pelosi said about Trump’s handling of the pandemic. “He has made matters worse from the start. Delay, denial, ‘it’s a hoax’, ‘it’s a miracle’ and the rest.”



Twitter users reacted to Trump’s new nickname:

Pelosi is exactly right. Trump has failed at every turn to address the potentially deadly coronavirus when the president first learned of the looming threat. Trump is finally encouraging Americans to wear protective face masks, but if he had done that months ago, lives could have been saved. Now we’re approaching one hundred and sixty-three thousand deaths in the United States from the COVID-19 pandemic. Does anyone know how many Benghazis we’re up to at this point?

November 3rd is coming, Mr. Trump. It’s time to end the chaos. Tick tock.

Featured image via Bruce Detorres/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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