Americans React In Horror After Trump Appears To Call Upon His Supporters To Rise Up Against Democratic Governors: “He Has Lost His Mind”

Trump is sending a dangerous message to his supporters.

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President Donald Trump is unleashing his hardcore supporters upon Democratic states through a series of tweets calling upon them to “liberate” them from Democratic governors who are following social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations to fight the coronavirus.

Several states across the nation have put measures in place to keep the virus from spreading and killing more people. But protesters organized by a group connected to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos swarmed the Governor’s mansion in Michigan this week in an effort to pressure her to re-open the state early, blocking streets and preventing first responders from doing their jobs along the way.

Trump himself expressed support for the protests in remarks at his press briefing on Thursday.


“I think they listen to me,” Trump said. “They seem to be protesters that like me and respect this opinion.”

With that statement in mind, Trump went on a Twitter rampage targeting three states, two of which are major swing states he needs to win in November.

Trump’s tweets appear to be inciting more protests — or worse — in order to force Democratic governors to bow to his obsession with reopening the country earlier than recommended as coronavirus deaths continue to surge.

Such gatherings of protesters just risk further spread of the virus, thus resulting in social distancing and stay-at-home policies dragging out longer.

Americans were horrified by Trump’s tweets.

Any violence occurring as a result of these tweets is all on Trump. As president, he should be urging against such protests so that the pandemic can end sooner. Instead, he is setting his angry gun-toting supporters loose upon the nation.

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