Americans Have Questions After Trump Screams About Election Day On Twitter: “Has Anyone Tried Unplugging Our President And Plugging Him Back In Again?”

Correct, Donald. You have reminded us of the day when we flush the turd.

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President Donald Trump woke up from his slumber party in the White House bunker to post gibberish on Twitter attacking Antifa and putting his own name in quotation marks while whining about former Vice President Joe Biden. But he also screamed about Election Day, which made a lot of Americans ask questions.

Trump hid in the bunker like a coward to escape mass protests outside the White House, even shutting off the lights. Needless to say, Americans were not impressed and other nations are laughing at him.

But after waking up on Monday morning, Trump went right back to lashing out on Twitter. Among the whiny little b*tch blurbs was an all-caps tweet correctly identifying the date of the presidential election.


Yeah, that’s rather bizarre of Trump to remind Americans of the day they can vote him out of office. And many responded with questions and mockery.

Americans had better save the date because getting rid of Trump is the first step toward fixing everything he has broken. And then we won’t ever have to read his tweets again because he will hopefully be in a prison cell. It’s no White House bunker, but he’ll find plenty of Nazi supporters in there.

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