Agency That Oversees Trump’s Private Communications Suffers Major Data Breach

Just think about what Russian hackers can do to meddle in this year's election if it's this easy to breach data.

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As an explosive report detailing continued Russian interference with the 2020 Election makes waves across the country, the agency charged with handling President Donald Trump’s private communications and White House communications has suffered a massive data breach.

On Wednesday, Trump fired Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire and installed top crony Richard Grenell in the position after intelligence officials reported the extent of Russian meddling to House Democrats.

Trump had wanted to keep Russian 2020 Election activities quiet because they are working to help him win a second term.


In 2016, Russia undertook a massive hacking campaign to break into email accounts of Trump’s political opponents and even managed to hack into voting machines.

And now it appears that another major weakness is the Defense Information Systems Agency, which handles White House communications, including Trump’s.

It turns out a drastic breach occurred last May according to Reuters, who reported that “Social Security numbers and other personal data in its network may have been compromised” after reading a letter released earlier this month.

The letter, dated Feb. 11, 2020, says that between May and July 2019, personal data may have been compromised ‘in a data breach’ on a system hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency.

The White House did not immediately answer a request for comment and the letter provided few further details. For example, it did not indicate what specific part of DISA’s network had been breached or identify which other individuals may have had their data compromised.”

This is particularly bad because Trump and his officials are vulnerable to being extorted by foreign governments, especially the Russians. If hackers are able to access sensitive information to use against them, they may do or say anything to make sure the information stays secret. Hackers could also access information on prominent Democrats to use against them in the same way Russia used DNC emails against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Anyone who cares about the integrity of our elections should be alarmed by this breach and take it as a warning that extra measures must be taken to ensure the 2020 Election is secure.

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