Adam Schiff Revealed The Trump Insult That He And His Daughter Regularly Joke About

Trump honestly believed this one was a sick burn.

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Representative Adam Schiff was one of many Democrats to find themselves on Donald Trump’s ever-growing shitlist when he served as one of the people to lead the charge against the president throughout his formal impeachment process.

As a result, Donald did the only thing Donald is emotionally mature enough to do when he finds himself angry and upset — he resorted to schoolyard bully tactics against his “sworn enemies,” typically in the form of baseless, shameful attacks and relentless name-calling. I honestly feel like the only reason he’s not sticking these folks’ heads in the toilet is that he knows that would surely get him “fired.”

Frankly, no one was safe from Trump’s childish behavior all over Twitter and during multiple rallies and public appearances. Trump came up with immature nicknames for everyone from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the various Democratic presidential candidates.


However, it did seem as though he took a special interest in Schiff.

Before it was all said and done, Donald had referred to the Democratic Rep. as so many different, insulting things that all the names are pretty difficult to keep up with at this point.

But during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Schiff revealed which nickname, in particular, stuck in his family that he continues to joke about with his daughter to this day.

Schiff began the interview by expressing his surprise with his recognizability while on a recent trip to New York (Well before COVID-19 was a thing) to visit his daughter in college.

“Well, you know Dad, it’s the pencil neck,” Adam said his daughter responded after getting a bit annoyed with all the attention, cracking a joke about the “pencil neck” descriptor Trump used for him back in a 2019 MAGA rally in Michigan.

Shiff went on to explain that his collar size was a 16 1/2, a size that Kimmell agreed was perfectly acceptable, before revealing that people are often surprised that his neck actually looks “kind of normal” when they see him in person.

Kimmell then jokingly suggested that perhaps it was a good thing that Donald had such an obsession with the Democratic Rep., to which Schiff replied, “I spend half my day inside his head, apparently, and I gotta tell you it’s pretty scary in there. It’s everything I can do to avoid all the marbles rolling around.”

So much for that sick burn, huh, Donnie?

You can watch the clip here:

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