Adam Schiff Hits Back At Republicans After They Failed To Censure Him On The House Floor

He will not be silenced.

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Donald Trump and all his little cronies really want to shut down the Democrats and their impeachment efforts at all costs.

And it makes sense, really. Trump did everything he’s about to be impeached for. His own damn transcript from the Ukraine call that he released was proof enough of that, not to mention all of the congressional testimonies that are now coming out and burying his ass in even more proof. It’s really no wonder that he’s desperate to toss it all on a technicality. That’s all he has left. Lord knows he won’t be found innocent at this point.

But, of course, folks like Rep. Adam Schiff and many of his fellow House Democrats have been waiting for this day with bated breath since Trump took his oath of office that we all knew he never planned to honor, and they’re not about to let it slip away from them.


As part of Trump’s plan to derail the Democrats’ impeachment proceedings, he and his fellow GOP asshats attempted to censure Schiff, one of the frontrunners of Donald’s impeachment inquiry, with a resolution. However, it failed.

And it didn’t just fail. It failed pretty miserably.

The resolution submitted by Republican members sought to censure the representative over his “parody” of Trump’s Ukraine call transcript, claiming that Schiff “misled the American people” and made “a mockery of the impeachment process, one of this chamber’s most solemn constitutional duties.”

But the GOP resolution ultimately went down in flames after the House rejected it in a 218-185 vote.

The loss alone was likely enough to make the GOPers’ faces as red as their politics. But Schiff wanted to make sure that, even though their resolution was shot down in a landslide, he still had something to say about it.

This afternoon, Rep. Adam Schiff took to his Twitter account to fire back at the Republican lawmakers that attempted to silence him. And while his statement was short, don’t doubt for a moment that it packed one hell of a punch:

There will be no technicalities, Trump. There will be no loopholes or last-minute saving graces. Not this time. You will pay for what you’ve done. And Adam Schiff will see to it.

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