According To The Washington Post, White House Officials Have Brought Up The Idea Of Taking Over D.C.’s Local Police

This is a thirst for power I've never even seen before.

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According to a bombshell new report from the Washington Post, Donald Trump’s blind grab for dictator-esque power has rapidly infected federal officials within his administration as they apparently mull over the idea of completely taking over the Washington D.C. police department.

Yesterday, Donald Trump essentially demanded that the United States military act out a war crime against peaceful protesters in the streets of D.C. when he ordered troops to deploy tear gas against demonstrators to disperse the crowds and give him safe passage to the church across the street.

Now, evidently, the rest of Trump’s cronies want a taste of that power.


The Washington Post spoke with Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s chief of staff, who alleges that several federal officials, including those within the Trump’s White House, confronted officials in the District of Columbia with the idea of completely taking over the D.C. police force.

According to Bowser’s chief of staff, John Falcicchio, speaking to the Post, not only did Washington D.C. officials shoot down the idea, they made it very clear that they would mount a legal defense against federal officials should they attempt to do so anyway.

As it stands, the District of Columbia is governed by its own mayor and city council. However, the president of the United States is allowed, by law, to take over the police force in the district, in emergency situations only.

Speaking with reporters today, Falcicchio said that “we are firm in our understanding” that allowing such a takeover by the president and federal officials “would not be a prudent move.”

The Post reports that the D.C. mayor did not directly confirm that the request was made by federal officials. However, Bowser was vocally and adamantly against the idea when speaking with reporters, indicating that the topic had likely been brought up.

“I would regard that as an affront to even our limited home rule and the safety of the District of Columbia,” she stated.

It sounds as though the mayor of Trump’s current city isn’t about to allow him to make such a blatant grab towards total authoritarian rule. If Trump and his jockeys want control, they’re going to have to fight her tooth and nail for it.

You can read the full report here.

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