According To Report, Trump Secretly Sold Nuclear Technology To Saudis After Khashoggi Killing

Not crazy about the Ukraine scandal? How about a Saudi one?

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In the thick of the Senate removal trial following Donald Trump’s impeachment, Republicans are doing their very best to simply hurry along and act like there’s no reason to investigate further or call witnesses because they say the President has done nothing wrong.

Of course, the logic here is so thin it only has one side. If the President were innocent of any wrongdoing, surely the witnesses that could be called would exonerate him with their testimony, thus vindicating Trump and his lawyers and even his defenders in the US Congress. If Trump’s former national security advisor or his Director of the Office of Management and Budget had evidence of Trump’s innocence, he would be champing at the bit for them to take the stand and clear his name.

The problem is, he’s not innocent. Not only is he not innocent of the charges that come with the impeachment articles presented by the House, but he’s guilty of plenty more that he wasn’t even pursued on, and that’s why no one in the GOP wants to let this thing expand further than it already has.


Personally, I say they let Mitch McConnell and his complicit cohorts in the Senate acquit Trump on these charges and prove that they’re putting party over country, then impeach Trump again on other charges he’s been found to have committed a crime in, just as he was found to have broken the law in withholding the military aid to Ukraine.

They could start with any or all of the instances of obstruction of justice, or they could go with the violations of the Emoluments Clause, Hatch Act, or Logan Act that are all documented, or they could even just get him for lying to the American public which ironically is an impeachable offense he’s guilty of literally thousands of times — but we could just go with him lying about having paid off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal before the public saw the checks to them with his signature on them.

Really, though, that all seems sort of needlessly salacious, like the Clinton impeachment. I honestly don’t care about Trump paying off women to stay quiet about having sex with him while he was married and had a brand new baby.

You know what would hit home with Americans? What would really play well on television? If the Democrats impeached him for illegally skirting Congress in order to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, right after helping them cover up the murder of a Washington Post journalist who criticized the Saudi government and specifically Jared Kushner’s best pal, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Jamal Khashoggi, you’ll remember, was a Saudi-born US resident who lived in Virginia who was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. His body has still not been fully recovered, having been cut apart with a bone saw.

On October 18, just 16 days after Khashoggi’s murder, the US signed off on transfers of nuclear tech to the kingdom without the consent of and without even informing Congress, in violation of US law. It happened again just four months later in February. All of that is according to information released by Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, where Khashoggi lived.

There’s little doubt that the American public’s appetite for impeachment with witnesses would only grow each successive time new charges were brought against Trump and the GOP-led Senate would undoubtedly get tired of looking like co-conspirators at some point before the next election, when Americans could sweep them out of office in a landslide from being the unpatriotic, cynical politicians they are.

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