According To Multiple Reports, Rand Paul Was Caught At Senate Gym’s Pool As He Was Waiting On COVID-19 Test Results Which Later Came Back Positive

This man is a DOCTOR.

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It’s often hard to choose between your least-favorite politicians when trying to imagine who the biggest hypocrite in government is. After all, Americans are trained now, after more than a decade of polarized, nearly pointless partisanship and rancor, to spot hypocrisy in the darkest corners, the unlikeliest places.

But like the big rock by any given person’s front door is liable to be hiding their spare house key, you can usually count on Senator Rand Paul to provide hypocrisy that both stuns and amazes, because he’s one of a handful of libertarian Republicans — a special breed of politician that likes all of the power that being a lawmaker affords them, but none of the responsibility to make sense, be fair, or answer to constituents.

That stands to reason, of course: His father infamously ran for President and won over wide swaths of young male voters who loved his anti-war, pro-weed policies — before they realized he also wanted to dismantle the Department of Education and once published a regular newsletter filled with racism and homophobia.


Rand, however — not named for libertarian villainess Ayn Rand, but a shortening of the much more pedestrian “Randall” — has obtained far more power than his father ever had. And from his position in the Senate, Rand Paul has blocked countless bills that would have helped people because he felt they helped the wrong people. Libertarians are the supposed arbiters of unbiased, non-influencing government. But when funding bills come up, Rand Paul can be expected to side with the rich over the poor every time.

That’s exactly what he did in blocking coronavirus legislation from the Democrats that could have gone a long way toward saving our economy with a plan that doesn’t operate on the backs of the middle and lower classes.

But in a touch of irony Senator Paul was infected with the COVID-19 virus himself. It’s not “irony” because he didn’t care about the poor or because it’s some kind of “karma” for him to get it, but because Rand Paul is a goddamn doctor and a member of the greatest deliberative body on earth. That he refused to keep himself safe during this crisis is a snapshot of libertarian philosophy: Do what thou wilt, consequences be damned.

So where’s the hypocrisy? Well, for a man whose entire political legacy is built on the myth that no one person should have an outsized effect on any other person’s life, he certainly doesn’t seem to take that seriously himself: DOCTOR Senator Rand Paul went to the Senate gym and swam in the Senate pool as he awaited his COVID-19 test results.

That’s the kind of hypocrisy you just can’t find outside of sociopaths and narcissists.

His fellow Senators noticed:

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