According To Multiple Reports, Protesters In D.C. Have Been Gassed Yet Again, Nearly A Half Hour Before Curfew

This is so disgusting.

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Yesterday, Donald Trump’s attempts to shape himself into a real-life dictator reached new, sickening heights when he brought the force of the United States National Guard down, with rubber bullets and tear gas, on protesters in the streets of Washington D.C. for no other discernable reason than to allow himself safe passage across the street, to a church, where he held an impromptu photo-op.

However, according to multiple reporters who are on the scene at tonight’s protests near the White House, Trump apparently wasn’t satisfied with his small taste of authoritarianism last night — as protesters are reportedly once again being tear-gassed in the streets before curfew even hits.


According to social media posts from reporters on the ground in D.C. tear gas was deployed into the crowds of demonstrators a startling 25 minutes before the area’s curfew even took effect.

So far it’s unclear as to who ordered the chemical spray into the crowds this evening, or if it’s a continuance of last night’s order.

However, as the protests and demonstrations get close and closer to Donald Trump’s front yard, and after being brutally mocked for retreating to his underground bunker in the White House, it’s clear that the president of this nation will go to severe lengths to avoid being embarrassed again. Even in that means deploying chemical warfare against his country’s own citizens.

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