According To Multiple People Familiar With The Situation, Jared Kushner Repeatedly Shushed Brad Parscale During A Meeting And Told Him To “Shut Up”

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It stands to reason that inside a campaign to reelect a man whose entire presidency thus far has been guided by conflict, turmoil, and an almost inconceivable job turnover rate, that there would be key players at one another’s throats. If it isn’t Trump himself, it’s those who want most fervently to curry his favor, and they’ve learned to complain from the master himself.

But the turnover rate that’s plagued the rest of Trump’s business in government has unfortunately not touched the campaign itself, other than to cast off Steve Bannon and move others around to a few new positions. After all, why would Trump change horses in mid-stream? He knows who helped him get to where he is, and just how big a role they played in his 2016 victory.

That’s why Brad Parscale, who was his digital media director in 2016, guiding the tweets and Facebook ads that seemed to get the job done, is now his official campaign manager. And Jared Kushner, who I believe Trump employs in the many capacities he does because he’s convinced his daughter would never marry anyone but a genius, is of course still on the campaign as well.


And Jared is not a fan of Brad.

In fact, many believe it was Jared and Ivanka who have been responsible for many of the high-profile firings that have taken place from the 2016 campaign all the way up to today. Much like Trump himself, the power couple is not used to not getting anything and everything they want, and are similarly unfamiliar with even being questioned.

A Thursday New York Times article detailed some of the inner conflict in the 2020 campaign, and highlighted what a contentious relationship Kushner and Parscale apparently have:

A handful of Mr. Trump’s allies are more focused on the staff than the candidate. They are agitating for him to overhaul his operation and effectively demote the campaign manager, Brad Parscale; that’s a move Mr. Kushner has been encouraging in the wake of the Tulsa debacle, for which he has blamed Mr. Parscale, according to people familiar with his thinking.”

That Tulsa “debacle,” of course, was the rally Trump held on June 20th, the first large indoor political event held anywhere since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the WHO. The rally was a terrible idea, although that can’t all be attributed to the misjudgment of Parscale — the president has been champing at the bit to get back on the campaign trail, and he positively lives for live events with a live audience giving him live, non-stop applause for hours on end.

But it was enough of a cock-up to rile Kushner, who favored a steadier approach than diving in head first:

Mr. Kushner and Mr. Parscale appear increasingly at odds. Mr. Kushner has sent mixed signals about his view of the campaign manager: In a meeting with Republican officials this week, Mr. Kushner repeatedly shushed Mr. Parscale and told him to ‘shut up,’ according to multiple people familiar with the events, but at other times he has urged friends of the president to tell Mr. Trump they think Mr. Parscale is doing a good job.”

Whatever is behind the ugly scene inside the campaign, it doesn’t bode well for a president who wants to trust the man who perfected his Twitter game, but also wants to rely on the son-in-law who’s married to his favorite child, assists him in shady foreign business dealings, and who he relates to on a fundamental level as a bad landlord type who will do anything to achieve the outcome he wants.

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