500 Plus Law Professors Sign Letter Calling Out Trump For His Impeachable Actions

No one can argue with this.

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An open letter was signed by more than 500 law professors calling Donald Trump’s conduct impeachable and wrote that the current occupant of the White House betrayed the oath “to help him distort an American election, for his personal and political benefit.”

The letter that was published on Medium was signed by 520 professors took no position on whether impeachment requires a crime, but called Trump’s conduct “a threat to our democracy.”

“His conduct is precisely the type of threat to our democracy that the Founders feared when they included the remedy of impeachment in the Constitution,” the professors wrote.


“We take no position on whether the President committed a crime. But conduct need not be criminal to be impeachable,” the letter continues. “The standard here is constitutional; it does not depend on what Congress has chosen to criminalize.”

“But if the House of Representatives impeached the President for the conduct described here and the Senate voted to remove him, they would be acting well within their constitutional powers,” the letter states.

“Whether President Trump’s conduct is classified as bribery, as a high crime or misdemeanor, or as both, it is clearly impeachable under our Constitution,” the professors continued. “A president who corrupts the system of elections seeks to place himself beyond the reach of this political check.”

“There is overwhelming evidence that President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking to use presidential power to pressure a foreign government to help him distort an American election, for his personal and political benefit, at the direct expense of national security interests as determined by Congress,” the professors wrote.

“Overwhelming evidence made public to date forces us to conclude that President Trump engaged in impeachable conduct,” it said.

Articles of impeachment are being drawn up now but the Republican-led Senate will likely not convict the “president” because this is the world we’ve found ourselves living in, with a lawless figure at the helm and his power-grabbing enablers allowing our country to remain at risk. If Trump is not impeached for his numerous offenses, that will open the floodgates to more corruption by him and his successors.

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