300 Employees Of Major Company Walk Out Over CEO’s Fundraiser For Trump

Theses hard workers have no desire to be a slave to Donald Trump.

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, approximately 300 employees with the Oracle Corporation computer software company walked off the job yesterday in an act of protest against founder and Executive Chairman Larry Ellison as a result of his decision to hold a fundraiser for Donald Trump the night before.

Walkouts, even small ones such as this (considering the company employs a staggering 136,000 individuals), aren’t something that Oracle sees often as a result of the somewhat dull and uneventful corporate culture practiced by the company. However, given the rarity of such displays, it was enough to make a bit of a wave for the corporation.

Bloomberg reports, after speaking with a source who asked to maintain their anonymity in fear of retaliation by the company, that “[t]he protest, called No Ethics/No Work, involved about 300 employees walking out of their offices or stopping work at remote locations at noon local time and devoting the rest of the day to volunteering or civic engagement.”


Several employees who were deeply concerned about a backlash against their job chose to display their disappointment in different ways, in lieu of participating in the walkout — such as donations to charities that oppose Trump and his cruel policies or taking their vacation in an effort to show their unwillingness to be a part of the Trump celebration but still hopefully hold on to their jobs.

Bloomberg also reported that the webpage on which the protest was being organized was flagged by the company’s network, leading those wishing to visit the protest page from their work computer to see an ominous message:

Access to this site may not be permitted by the Oracle Acceptable Use Policy. However, if user is authorized and has legitimate business reason to access the requested site, then click below to access. Your access will be logged.”

Oracle has now released a statement via a spokesperson claiming that the flag against the protest webpage was an accident, claiming that the temporary flag was a result of their anti-virus software but was promptly taken care of as soon as the issue was brought to their attention.

It’s safe to say that Oracle employees are taking issue with Ellison’s devotion to Donald Trump. It’s certainly no secret that the company stands to wildly benefit from a close relationship with the Trump administration — Trump administration attorneys are already siding with the computer software company in their massive legal battle with Google over API copyrights.

It seems that the employees of the company have no desire to be a slave to Donald Trump’s whims. And I can’t say that I blame them one bit.

You can read the full Bloomberg report here.

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